Information regarding prices

Prices in bold:
This product is in stock. If you want to order more than one piece of a product, you can enter the desired amount in the order form – we will inform you immediately if we do not have the desired amount.

Prices highlighted in red:
This product is not currently in stock.
Exceptions are federal coins of the grading extremely fine to BU: we have an extensive stock of federal coins – but the grading is rarely standardized, i.e. exactly ratable as vz, unc or BU

Example: The 2-franc coin from 1850:
Prices in f: 225.00, vf: 425.00, ef: 600.00, unc: 1200.00 , BU: 2000.00

Specifically, it may be the case that we have a coin in the grading ef (thus much better than vf) – at a price of 500.00; or coin in almost uncirculated (thus much better than ef) for 750.00 – or a coin which is on the obverse is an absolutely clear unc, but on the reverse side only just unc for 950.00.

So you can also order a grading highlighted in red. As usual, you have the full right of return within 5 days without giving reasons. As a customer I too only buy what I like.

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